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Meet Squeaver!

A funny and friendly half-squirrel, half-beaver from the Kabi Forest. Squeaver is truly one of a kind! He can climb and gather like a squirrel and build cool things like a beaver. Growing up he was bullied because he was different—but his kindness paid off. Now he is friends with all of the animals in the forest. Squeaver loves using his gifts to help others, and he REALLY wants to go on an adventure!

Meet BRODY (if you Dare!)

An angry and mysterious red-tailed fox, who always wears a strange black mask. There are only four things that he likes:

  • Scaring baby chicks with his razor-sharp teeth

  • Slingshotting stink bombs into bird houses

  • Terrorizing frogs

  • And most of all, BEING LEFT ALONE!

It's best that you stay away from his forest, and FAR away from him.

Squeaver back Cover1 (2).jpg

Meet Smokey!

Smokey the Small Mouthed Bass loves to swim around with his friends in the warm waters of the lake. He is one of Squeaver's best friends, and thanks to this little round fish bowl, Smokey can travel around with him on land. He is super fun like Squeaver—but don't make him mad and don't mess with his friends or you might regret it!

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